WattCycle - A new training facility in the North East


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Hi Guys

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not so feel free to move it elsewhere.

Just wanted to introduce our new facility WattCycle. Some of you may have already heard of us.

We are opening our new facility within the next couple of weeks on Dukesway, Teesside Industrial Estate, Thornaby.

We will have 20+ WattBikes within the facility and WattCycle will be a hub for people to train, test, race and socialise to meet other like minded people.


We are currently running sessions from Crossfit Teesside on Lord Avenue and we have experienced an excellent response from everyone attending sessions. Training on a WattBike is a great way to train smart and efficiently when time is short. Monitoring your fitness levels and setting your training zones to enable you to train correctly for maximum benefit.

If anyone would like to pop in to speak with myself or arrange a free taster session please get in touch.



Is this the same as the classes at hartlepool crossfit? It looks really good. It's a bit of a trek from East Cleveland, I stopped doing crossfit there because of the distance (although I loved it and hope that there will be one opening up nearer to where I live). Would definitely be interested in having a go. How much does it cost?
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