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Steve Austin

Steve Austin

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This is the best news this year! I am so glad that he is now a cheat and hopefully broke. Perhaps his message to other athletes should be 'if you get caught, then just admit it. It's cheaper in the long run!'

Good bye and good riddance.


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All good things come to those who wait.

Lets hope we have seen the last of him his ban ends in Jan 2009 when he will be 32 possibly 33.
Landis is still weighing his legal options, but released a statement calling the decision "a blow to athletes and cyclists everywhere."
The only blow I can think of is the feeling of a stronger breeze on my back when I ride to work tomorrow.

Landis surrounded himself with a team of lawyers, experts and public relations professionals to mount a wiki-defense
what's a wiki-defense?


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I am hoping that by the time his ban ends we will have moved on a fair bit and he will not be able to get a ride.

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No-one who tests positive now is ever likely to get a ride in a protour team again. The climate has changed to where the massive negative publicity would frighten off any sponsor, even in the unlikely event of organisers accepting the rider into a protour race.

Landis's future, if he even has one, will be on the US domestic circuit.


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Now, would it only be fair if Perrero wore the yellow jersey at the 2008 TdF prologue? He lost out on the opportunity in 2007. Maybe he can wear a lighter yellow than Contador's (to pretend his jersey has been in the wash a few more times before, or something).
I agree wit the previous poster - I think Landis will find it difficult to get a team in the current climate, which is likely to continue (and rightly so). Look at Rasmussen - he's technically not commited any doping offence (altho cycling news did run a story about him being potentially positive for DynEpo) and he's not found a team yet. And Contador's - who name has been allegly linked to OP - still not found a team for next year.

I think David Millar has been very lucky to get back in the peleton. If todays climate had previaled 2 years ago when david confessed I think his career would have been over.

DS's and sponsors are running scared of anyone with a hint of scandel as bottom line being caught could spell the end of sponsorship.
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