Weather looks nice


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Gale force winds, torrential rain. Looking nice for the morning :tongue:
Bring It :biggrin:


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I got caught in a ten minute storm today, the rain was coming at me from the side with such force that I thought I'd be pushed off the road. Then suddenly it cleared up, the sun came out, and by the time I got home I was completely dry. Odd. Can't complain though.



Rather cloudy with the more persistent and heavier rain soon clearing northwards to leave bright spells with occasional showers, the showers more frequent across Argyll later. Freshening winds.

Tomorrow should be good for 30 miles :smile:



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This morning was NOT fun, 30 mph winds with gusts of upto 60 mph, had to take it slower in the cross wind. Was way too much fun when the wind was behind me though I must say.


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Ducked the wind yesterday as I had to go by car. However I was looking wistfully at the flags in the morning wondering how fast I could have been on the way in.


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I got scalped by a MTB with panniers - the guy had more rear lights than me...... I was feeling like poo and my mind was on the 'school problems'....that's my excuse - could have chased but it was raining and blowing a gale.


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Damm that was NASTY, somehow managed a 15.5mph average but thats about 10% slower than I have been and it took about 110% MORE effort !!!!!! Thank god its summer time eh :biggrin:


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Bit breezy here, I have planned a 20 mile bike ride with a stop to play around with a power kite. Tomorrow I am probably going to hurt, but tbh I don't care, at least I would have had some fun :smile:

Hopefully this would make up for the last few days of not being on the saddle.

That was a tricky ride in. Soaked to the skin by the time I got to the top of my street. Nasty swirling gusty head / cross wind. Struggled to get up to 10mph in some places. Into Blackpool and up to the airport along the main stretch was like a wind tunnel. Checked the airport weather station when I got into the office and wind was 35 with gusts up to 60.

I'm gonna fly home if it keeps up.


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Nice ride in this morning, Generally nice day lots of Sunshine. 4pm strikes it goes a bit dark, by 4.10pm it's raining lightly so carry on jacket less. 5 minutes on a bit damp and it really starts hammering it down. Had to collect my car ironically and got to it like a drowned rat.
Shoes soaked and hopefully will be try for the morning.
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