Website Contact Form Problem... any ideas what's wrong?


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Hi guys... sorry to pester you but if in doubt... ask a cyclist!

The contact form on my website is being a dick. When using Firefox or Chrome, the Captcha code is always wrong, even when one types the code in correctly... when using Internet Explorer, it's fine.

I've cleared cache and cookies, changed the version of jquery... tried to plumb in an alternative Captcha... all to no avail.

Has anyone with web-skills got any ideas how i can fix it?

ooops. you'll need a link!

Cheers :smile:


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I've just tested it on Firefox, worked fine.
Are you using capitalisation where required?
works with safari on mac, but not chrome

(too lazy to try ff)


a short-tempered ill-controlled small-minded troll
In the meantime, you should turn off captcha - leave it on the page, but don't use the results. Better to get a bit of spam than to miss a customer, surely
I spent the morning trying to remove it, trying to put an alternative one on, and of course trying to mend the fecker... it's plumbed in somewhere i don't have access. I've signed up to their support forum but am waiting for the mods to approve me so i can post (evil mods!)... hence asking a cyclist.


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my boss is a big northern soul fan... I want to get a range of cycling themed t shirts on there :smile:

getting the error at home too :sad:
Try this solution:

The cause is the <form> tags are inside of the <table> tag structure that was used to format this particular form. It was like this:


Once I put those form tags above and below that table, the form then worked successfully.
It could well be that the other browsers are more forgiving when parsing HTML than Chrome is.
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