Weird knee problems


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I've started commuting around 15 miles or so each way to work 4 times per week. Recently, I've been having a weird feeling in my right knee when I stop. It's not painful, it just feels like I have a tight rubber band around it horizontally either across the kneecap or just below it.

Within a few seconds of walking it seems to be fine.

Any idea what could cause this? Could it be my bike geometry? Is there something I should be looking at?

In case it makes any difference I'm on a Specialized Tricross with cleats, travelling on predominantly roads with a little bit of rough track.


Only a pure guess! perhaps your cleats are lined up wrongly and it twisting your knee the wrong way but something is trying to force it back into place (the tight feeling); at the moment its sorting itself out but in the long term I don't know.


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Thanks for the feedback. How do I go about getting that checked out? Is that something my local bike shop can help with?


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ITBsyndrome presents on the outside of the knee, I had a very bad case myself which physio has sorted out. This is more likely ligaments. Seat height, fore/aft position are the usual suspects.
Have a look here.


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Also just recovered/am recovering from a bad case of ITB. It started with that same feeling of there being a band around the knee and that's still the lingering symptom. It's the only reason I mentioned it.



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I had no pain anywhere in the knee other than where the IT band rubs over the bony bit on the outer knee. Suppose it can be referred pain to other bits? Damn painful tho!

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The fact that the discomfort goes away with a few minutes walking suggests ITB is not the main problem. I wonder, did the OP suddenly increase their mileage? Perhaps this has resulted in minor irritation from something like misalignment of the patella which wasn't noticeable at smaller distances. IN any case I would:
a) Check cleat alignment
:sad: Check bike fit, especially seat height but don't make big adjustments in one go
c) See a physio if it doesn't goes away after the above adjustments

and (as a minimum) stretch quads and hamstrings after every ride, just as good practice.


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How long have you been commuting?

A rubber band feeling is very likely to be something pulling on the kneecap, or something too tight somewhere, therefore, as ever, I would start by stretching.

Find stretches to hit the entire leg - including the calfs. In particular - quads, hamstrings and Iliotibial Band.

Fiona suggested a patella mis alignment, which isn't out of the question - and the main cause for this is likely to be tight muscles groups (especially IT band and hamstring). If you put your hand on your knee when it is painful/in discomfort and repeatingly extend your leg, does it feel like a snowball crunching?

Don't ride through pain. At all.

Hope it is nothing serious!
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