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I remember some time ago a chappie inventing a little bike pump that was operated by some string that you pulled and made great claims about how easy it was to use. Questions:

Anyone remember what it was called?

Did anyone buy one?

Was it any good?

Can you still get them?


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it's called a cyclaire.

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I bought one.

It's ok - the gauge on them is excellent - the pumping action less so, I found (although I was going to 110-120psi with it) and the vibration it produced made my hands ache. It does come in a nifty pouch that attaches nicely and securely to your frame, with room for an unplanned deflation event kit in a small pouch below where the pump itself lives.

I prefer the Topeak Road Morph myself.

You can still get them, and the usual suspects (Wiggle, EBC etc) have them.


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I find them to be a tad noisy and also quite heavy, it can be a bit of a pain to change the settings from Schrader to Presta, but they are quicker than some track pumps.


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I got a Cyclaire+

It's brilliant.

Being a weak & feeble girlie, I have b*gg*r all in terms of upper body strength, so if I ever get a puncture when out on the bike, using a 'normal' pump, I had great difficulty getting anywhere near any sort of reasonable pressure in the tyre. Not so with a Cycliare+.

It's very noisy but a few strokes and it's hard as rock again.


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wafflycat said:
It's very noisy but a few strokes and it's hard as rock again.
Hubba hubba :smile::biggrin:


The pull-cord on my Cyclaire snapped in half today, while repairing a p******e, 10 miles from home!
So, crouched in a muddy ditch, I took the thing apart to salvage what was left of the pull-cord. Reattached the handle to that, and the bl**dy thing snapped again. Not a happy chappy :biggrin:
Luckily for me I found a flat nylon shoelace in my saddle bag. Don't know how it got there. But I managed to use that as a pull-cord to get enough pressure for a slow ride home.

Looking at it now, the cord is pretty badly worn. As it rubs against a 'sharp' edge of the case when you use it. And there are lots of little fragments of the cord inside the pump body.

Just sent a cheeky email to cyclaire to see if I can get a free replacement (cord at least) - it's over a year old. Though I think I'll be using a more reliable and cheap-as-chips zefal pump from now.
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