Well done RLJ'er this morning!

You arrived at the lights a good few seconds before I did

You proceeded to ride along the pavement whilst I filtered into the ASL in the middle lane to go straight ahead and waited

You negotiated a pedestian (not toucan) crossing

You hopped off the kerb in front of the stop line that was at a red light and tried to rejoin traffic.

I gave you warning that I was coming through as you were about to try to rejoin the traffic flow against your red light into my path as my light changed to green a few moments earlier, and ended up waiting and struggling to get back on your way.

So...what EXACTLY does one gain from this? Certainly not time as by obeying the signals I moved ahead of you. Certainly not easier navigation of the junction as you were having problems joining the traffic again. So what was the benefit exactly?

Anyone any ideas?


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User3143 said:
Quit your moaning and in answer to your question - I and 'they' don't care.
If you don't care, then why bother posting? ;)
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