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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by alecstilleyedye, 9 Jul 2007.

  1. alecstilleyedye

    alecstilleyedye nothing in moderation Moderator

    just this time last week posting as usual on C+ with all the regulars, and here many of us are, having been exiled here by the biker*d*r debacle just 7 days later.

    it's obvious that it's not that we're afraid of change (as has been the charge), we just didn't much care for the change foisted upon us.

    funny old game this forum lark :blush:
  2. Cab

    Cab New Member

    Its really, really simple for me. My name is 'Cab'. I registered with my name on the understanding that I could use it. I'm not going to use a different name, and I resent the thought of changing it sufficiently that I'm not going to use that place.

    I don't resent 'change', but there are certain changes that just won't accept. Prime among them is my name!
  3. OP

    alecstilleyedye nothing in moderation Moderator

    there's a bit of a parallel with wimbledon fc becoming mk dons and moving to milton keynes. the original fans just set up a new local side and followed them instead.

    the fans maketh a football team, the members maketh a forum.

    and here we are having come from a site with an acceptable level of advertising, to a site with none via one which seemingly is more about the ads than the cycling.
  4. And combined user databases maketh a better marketing strategy for Future...

  5. derall

    derall Über Member

    Home Counties
    Exactly my thoughts.

    Over the weekend I saw loads of B*k*R*d*r goodie bags being handed out around the Grand Depart.

    All being done by TdF staff though, and not a single BR staffer to be seen, no physical presence, no stall, nothing.

    That’s the way the whole BR site comes over to me. It’s all about the advertising presence rather than offering a service. And that means marketing geared to the MBUKiddies who are most likely to change their bikes / shorts / shoes according to the latest fashion, as opposed to the C+er who buys a Dawes Galaxy and expect it to last a lifetime (Okay, as a five-bike C+er I am being somewhat ironic there…)

    To mis-quote Bill Hicks, Advertisers, please do us all a favour. Kill yourselves. Seriously. Go kill yourselves.
  6. Slim

    Slim Über Member

    Plough Lane
    Well said. I'm an ex Wimbledon season ticket holder and it still rankles when people ask me how The Franchise are getting on (just couldn't get myself to even type the name in). Still, this topic is for another forum.
  7. Pandaboy

    Pandaboy New Member

    My reasons for moving were the sheer size of the place - too many forums and too many topics to read.

    And the colour scheme induced eyestrain after about 15 minutes.

    Now, if they had made it possible to 'switch off' those areas people aren't interested in and change the colour scheme I may have stayed longer.
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