What a faux pas


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But ... there aren't any proper climbs in Denmark! :laugh:

I once knew a Danish woman who cracked a joke about the 2 Danish 'mountains'. I didn't get it so she explained that the highest point in the country is only at about 171 metres - Danish hills and mountains.


I like the descending just enough to make me want to go up hills, so you can keep the flatlands for me. ^_^

Nice work on the Brompton though, good work. :thumbsup:


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I am watching "Brokenwood Mysteries". How long does a flight take to get to New Zealand?


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Last year 2 RTW cyclist came to visit me. Brian was in the Round Denmark cycle race. Because of the terrain Brian said it was one of the hardest days riding he had ever done. Derek rode overnight from Holland for a Transcontinental Race training ride. Before he even got off the bike he said "Who the hell said Denmark is flat? We dont need mountains with our undulating hills and headwinds. ^_^
Toured Norfolk a few years back with a friend and two of our daughters. We were most put out to come across an actual hill that needed to be climbed. In Norfolk! That wasn't in the brochure.

Fens of north east Cambridgeshire here. It's mostly flat, but not as flat as some people think, as Ely and the surrounding villages are usually on top of hills. We also have our version of Dutch Hills.
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