What a start to the rugby world cup

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Aye, it was certainly an interesting match!


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It's a million to one shot, but it might just work . . :blush:
Ivan Carlos - not selected for the Spanish RWC team then... :blush:
Ivan other thing to say - well played Argentina! A result always on the cards, which will have little bearing on the qualifiers - it is all hard whether you come first or second in the groups.
South Africa - not so dark horses.
Hope I'm proven wrong but... :ohmy:

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I enjoyed the match, obviously because France lost (something which must surely unite the civilised world) and for the fact that the Argentinians seemed to have rediscovered the old "up and under", which tends to make for exciting viewing.
ivancarlos said:
Why don't you all f*ck off and join the people who admire the 'large men getting mucky' society? GO ON THEN! (this is a cycling forum btw!) :blush:

I can only assume from that totally unnecessary and unfunny outburst of abuse that ivancarlos was the small weedy bloke at school whom no one wanted on their side when they were picking teams!
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