What a tragic story.

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RIP. Adam Watts.

He died helping abused dangerous dogs.
He has 5 kids and his wife died in 2013 so they are now orphans.
I read that earlier. Awful. :sad:


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People often say lots of odd things in an innocent attempt to make awful things seems slightly better.
It's similar to when people say, 'anything I can do just let me know, no no honest, whatever you want,' when they hear of something bad happening to a friend, and then a short while later you find out that they don't actually mean what they say, it's just something that they think they have to say at the time.

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Quite a few of these incidents have been happening lately. I'd say there've been 6 fatal 'devil dog' attacks this year that I can think of. I've had a few close encounters with these dogs and their owners recently. One one occasion I posted about it on a local Facebook page and received quite a bit of mocking even nasty posts. You'd be surprised how many women own them. Many said they took their 'baby' to bed with them and let their children play with them!
I was wondering how someone who runs a Kennel ended up in such a situation until I went down the article came across this.

Save Our Seized Dogs supports owners whose dogs have been seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, and through breed-specific legislation which bans the ownership of four types of dog in the UK.
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