What a way to open a sale conversation...


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Just received a phone call on the land line. It was an 0161 number so might have been from a supplier or even a call from a friend or two over that way. So I answered the call:


Click click.


Oh ! Awright mate? How yer doin? U de owner of de business ?'

I mean .......making cold calls is a shitty job but starting off like that ? I wouldn't have bought a bucket of water off him if my 4rse was on fire. I suppose it's not his fault he lacks basic skills but a single minutes thought would not go amiss.



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I think i could have wound him right up.:laugh::laugh::laugh:


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Oh sorry mate I'll put my teeth in straight next time.
Danny !!

If l had known it was you mate...

Prob wouldn't have answered.


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I had a rude boy policeman call me at 4 am the other week asking for information about a missing person .
Wen was the last time you had anyting to do wiv Mr X he said .
Yesterday i replied .
Aaaaaaaa but e as been missing for a week .
Yes i know i replied , the last time i saw him was last week but i called the police yesterday to report that i had found what hotel he was staying in .
ahhh rite , i aint read the ole file he said .
May i suggest you do read the whole file before i hung up .


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I once had a chat with someone at a utility call centre who kept calling me "mate". My irritation grew and grew and as we finished the conversation I couldn't help saying: "One last thing... I'm not your mate, I'm your customer. Mr Gti or Sir would be correct".
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