What are some good stage highlights I can watch on Youtube?


I saw a video about Chris Froome's breakaway in 2018's Giro stage 19, and it got me to wondering what other highlights I can watch with similar breakaways/close finishes/just generally exciting stuff going on. I'll probably only have time to watch a couple so if there are any classics then that'll do me. I still remember watching Greg Lemond's time trial in '89, I would have been twelve.. :smile:

Any suggestions?


There are some sad ones from the 1967 Tdf.


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I watched and very much enjoyed 1981 Paris Roubaix on YouTube recently.

A contrast with today's slick high quality TV productions. Also it's all in French, but that added to it for me. Even though I couldn't make out anything apart from riders' names.

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There's a good site to dip into here. I often struggle to leave though. There are highlights of many stages through the years, but it can get frustrating when you look for a particular stage and find it's not there, but the next day is.

I found the site when looking for Sean Kelly's first ever stage win from 1978 - it's there.

A couple of extended programmes which I've yet to watch, featuring the 1951 and 1952 Tours. I thought there was 1953 as well, but it seems I may have been mistaken.
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