What are these knobs for on Ambrosio brakes?


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I've just taken delivery of a new old bike I bought for my son off EBay. It has brake calipers marked Ambrosio, and they have a little plastic knob, near the cable adjuster. What are they for?


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probably a release thing - loosens the brakes so you can get your wheel out easily.

from Sheldon Brown:-

"To facilitate wheel changes, most high-performance road bicycles have a quick release mechanism that allows the brakes to be temporarily opened a bit wider than usual, so that the tire can fit through the brake pads.

Some brake quick releases are located in the brake levers, which is the best place for them. This type of quick release allows the brakes to work normally even if the user forgets to reset them after use.

Other quick-releases are located at the caliper or on the cable hanger. These must be manually reset after use, or the brakes may run out of travel. The better caliper-mounted QR's feature a cam which allows a variable setting. This is of use to racers who may knock a wheel out of true, because they can temporarily loosen the QR as much as it takes to get the bent wheel to clear the brake shoes"


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Maz said:
What PP said could be right.

I asked the same question not long ago. I was confused by these 'lever' things on the brakes:


Yes, those are the ones. I thought it seemed logical that they would be quick releases, but they didn't seem to work well. Son has taken the bike to the LBS now for a service. Thanks PP and Maz.
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