What Bike computer do you use?

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  1. sgtjiggy

    sgtjiggy Active Member

    I once had a Sigma that displayed speed, cadence, distance and time. It was wireless which was nice. But I'm a tech junkie and now use my iPhone 4s with the Digifit app. I have the ANT case that syncs speed/cadence, distance and heart rate (when I wear the strap). It has worked flawlessly and I'm very happy. I will however be upgrading to the new iPhone (whatever it's going to be called) but this will make my ANT equipment useless if the port has changed.

    Now that I have bored everyone to death my question is, has anyone used the new Wahoo Fitness Bluetooth cadence/speed and chest strap with the iPhone 4s? Im assuming this will work with the new iPhone.

    The sarge

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    RAYMOND Well-Known Member

    Not got one asyet but might get the garmin edge 200.
    Can't do with paying more than the £100 it costs.
  3. dave r

    dave r Dunking Diddy Dave Pedalling Pensioner

    Holbrooks Coventry
    I've got a very old Cateye, Velo 5 I think, thats given many years of service.
  4. I've just got one, used it for the first time today and I am seriously impressed. Yes it's a bit basic as GPS units go, but I knew this already.

    I loaded a route into it, rode out, and it worked beautifully.

    Very impressed with the ease of it all. I have used other GPS units that have been a right hassle, but this is brilliant.

    Don't forget as well, Garmin are giving £30 cash back at the moment too, so if you buy from Halfords, (I know, I know), for £105, the unit comes in at £75 with the rebate :thumbsup:

    [EDIT] I always have my phone with me as well running Strava.
  5. doctornige

    doctornige Well-Known Member

    I have the Edge 500. All great for capturing data, but for following a course, you kneed to exercise care. You are just following a line, with no side roads, so you need to look at the GPS and the lie of the land to see if there is a turn. Also, it loses the satellites a LOT. Trees are a particular problem for it.
  6. OP

    sgtjiggy Active Member

    I'll try and post a screen shot from the digifit program

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  7. OP

    sgtjiggy Active Member

    44bde025-e19b-8c6a.jpg 44bde025-e1a5-7a54.jpg

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  8. gaz

    gaz Cycle Camera TV

    South Croydon
    I use a Garmin Edge 705.
    A dedicated GPS unit gives better GPS results than a mobile device. And it syncs with my ANT devices.
    It's also easy to move across from bike to bike, as I have multiple mounts.
  9. defy-one

    defy-one Guest

    Garmin 200. Gives me my route. Speed. Average speed. Distance etc
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  10. Finnjävel

    Finnjävel Senior Member

    I 've got the Edge200 as well. I was going to get the 500, but came to the conclusion that I rarely bother checking the heart rate during the ride, so the 200 does everything I need. I find it finds and keeps the satellites very nicely, and the routing is a nice feature as well. It would be nice to have an audible alert when a turn is approaching, but at least it beeps after I have missed it :smile:

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  11. compo

    compo Veteran

    Wired Bikemate, a fiver from Aldi. Done a couple of thousand miles with it and it hasn't missed a beat. Has usual functions. Odo, trip distance, Maximum speed, average speed, Ride time, present time, temperature, calories, and Co2 saved. I suspect the last two may be open to interpretation but they give an idea.
  12. captainhastings

    captainhastings Über Member

    West Wales
    Been using my 305 forerunner as I have it for running. I think it is due too die soon after about 3 years or more so will be replacing it with the 405 I think when the time comes
  13. numbnuts

    numbnuts Legendary Member

    North Baddesley
    Sigma BC1609
  14. apc

    apc Senior Member

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