What bike for me??


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Bit of background mid 30s, haven’t been on a bike for years used to have a have mid level mtb.

Have 3 boys. The 6 and 4 year olds both really good riders to the point I can no longer walk to keep up with them!

Looking to buy a bike so I can join them. Mainly paths light trails etc.

Also would like to have the ability to use it by myself early mornings to get fit mainly road light trails perhaps 20 mile round trips to get started.

Would I be right thinking a hybrid would be better suited to me? Or mtb?

Is there a hybrid that can cope with rough terrain? Was looking at this:




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Boardmans are good bikes and receive good press on here. Unless you're going to use it on heavily rutted tracks you don't need the suspension forks, they will only add unnesscary weight if use is mostly road and light trails.
This would be a better option for you if you want to stick with Halfords and Boardman. (Halfords now own the Boardman brand.)

You could also consider this Triban from Decathlon which represents excellent vfm.


This is more road oriented than the Boardman and has better Sora shifters but narrower faster tyres opposed to the fatter more comfortable ones on the Halfords bike.
Try to get down to a store and try them out.
One last thing Decathlon give a lifetime frame warranty and I think one year on the components.
Anything else just ask.

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Just get a hard tail Boardman MTB. Simple.

I love my old 2014 Boardman FS Pro (bouncy bike) - it works - OK - I look after it, but it was the best value bike I have ever bought..
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