What Colours Do You See?


Prolix Maximus


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It is obviously one of those misleading colours photos. It actually looks pink and minty white to me! Let me consult the oracle...


You can't see the mouse pointer in that screen capture but it is on a 'pink' area which the RGB settings show is actually grey! I forgot to check the 'white' area but I'm sure that it has more green in it than red or blue.


Prolix Maximus

The four swatches I took are:
Hue, Saturation, Value (Brightness)Red, Green, Blue

The "white laces" are brighter, but not hugely so. Those are predominantly green, but with a lot of blue.
The "pink" sections are dull, scarcely half brightness, with almost zero saturation. It's a massive leap to describe it as pink.

The human brain is wired into making leaps of faith, there is no data in this image that suggests a pink shoe with white trim - the only reference we have to infer colour information is the hand in the background. If you remove it and the rest of the background, the illusion goes away.

In the process of making this analysis my perception of the colour flipped. I hate bi-stable optical illusions.
Looks blotchy to me .
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