what do people think of jumping lights???

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...whats the general consensus?....i jumped a red the other day mainly cos i know the route well and its a safe move if you know it....someone shouted something and it pissed me off!


not the done thing !!!
i have always stopped at red lights. however the only time that i did go through a red light is when the light had sensors on that didn't work properly for bikes and i had been waiting there for 10 mins and it still didn't change (they must have the pressure sensors set wrong) other times i have used these lights there has been cars there so the light changes quickly.


If I could jump lights I would have a gold medal at the Olympics.

A serious answer to your question, what would be your reaction if someone jumped the lights and wiped you out as you crossed on green. I find it strange that you get pissed off when someone complains at you for breaking the law.


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Don't do it. When you know the route/situation its tempting sometimes but you never know what can happen especially if you're tired or not fully concentrating. Not only is it illegal but it gets cyclists a bad name at a time when we want other road users to show cyclists some respect and consideration.


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U would get three points for it in a car.......

several other threads on this topic in other areas, some say its ok other not. Suppose it depends on time of day and situation...

Most important thing....Stay safe! That includes not endangering others!
Never jump a red light when someone can see you doing it,then you wont have to ask as it will only be you that knows you do it


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Not unless the lights dont detect me and then only if its safe to, I dont come accross them often though really.

I think its more about expecting other road users to abide by the laws and not take chances with us, but thats just me.


There is a lot of variety in cyclists out there, but I've come to it as someone who has been a driver for many years. With that mindset I regard myself as part of the traffic. I largely don't break the rules in my car, so I don't on my bike either. I don't jump red lights, I don't ride on the pavement, if there are only a few cars at the lights I don't filter, though I would if there was a long queue.
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