What do you reckon to these?

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Do they come with a knotted hankie? If so they'd be perfect for the beach :tongue:

Alternatively, they could just be as cool as a really cool thing................

Monty Dog

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If they were made by Rapha they'd be called 'fixed' shorts and cost £100! Being made out of hemp means you could cut the bottoms off and turn them into roll-ups!!


I bought a pair of the 'classic wool knickers' from fixation (don't ask why!) and was HUGELY disappointed with the quality control. Nothing major, just silly little things that should have been spotted - a missing button, neither pocket was fully stitched and a seam was coming apart.

I let them know and in fairness they did offer to reimburse me for the cost of repairs, as it was not worth me sending them back for what was effectively a tenner to put right, but I didn't take them up on it.
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