what if we had.....

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here's the idea that Might not already be in motion it might and I've missed it but here goes.

What if there was a 10 stage race, but it's not all on road. What if we mixed up all the disipline's over a number of stages, one day we could have a road race, the next a mountain bike race, another would be cross, We could chuck in Downhill, TT's and maybe BMX (Not sure on that one).

Do you think we would see a variety of Different riders? Much like Traithlons pull out different Winners and all people having a better disipline than others in each section.

Is this done? would it work?


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You could throw in some track riding too!! Interesting idea. My initial reaction is that an MTBer would win overall, or a roadie with an MTB history such as Rasmussen or Evans.
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