What kind of things could get you (thrown off...)


I recall once posting a thread on C= about the jews once and that was close to the pubic hair...

Or saying R> Virenque was a druggy = which turned out to be true or even before that, what got pulled (thread by the female admin - god we kept her on her toes :biggrin:) - saying most of the pro peleton was on drugs between 91 and some date...which also turned out to be true...

PS - If you dont hear from me again then....



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..perhaps bypassing the ****ing swear filter?


It sometimes took a fair bit to be banned on C+ but some of the bannings did seem strange given the extent to which others were permitted to stay.

We who have remained (on bikerader) still discuss riders doping, and nobody has been banned.

I do not visit Soapbox anymore so cannot comment on what is said there.

There were some real "classic" threads on C+, especially in Soapbox. Most people were able to see it for what it was, some took it far too personally. I never had a problem (nor do I here) of being slagged off by someone in one thread in Soapbox and still being able to communicate on friendly terms with them elsewhere - or even agreeing with them in another Soapbox thread. I even come to like those people who stand up for themselves even when I am so obviously right :biggrin:


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...that reminds me I was going to inform you all that I have a saddle sore today after riding with a pad for th efirst time in months...I know you wanted to hear this earlier so I apologise for th edelay.


It can;t be half as bad as what I saw on 'Most Embarrasing Diseases' last night on E3/ITV3. :biggrin: Ah the joys of cable television.

By way of excuse I was doing the ironing.:biggrin:
I had a post removed once that was a joke that related to kiddy fiddling. The OP was about what was the most shocking/un PC comments. I think my post was the only one removed, so I think I won!!!
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