What legwear for commuting

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Hi, i am a bit embarrased with a opperation i have had on my knee which as left it looking rather unsightly , i will be commuting into my place of work and i dont want anyone to see it , i dont want to wear lycra and i have been looking for some suitable legwear that cover my knees , today i so a cyclist with what looked like 3/4 pants and they had velcro straps at the bottom , i have tried searching the web but i cannot seem to find anything ,could any one please help . Thanks
Leggings with baggy shorts should be suitable to your needs!


or if it's too warm, try knee warmers!

I'll go with Dayvo's suggestion - it means that you can cover what you want and roll up to offer max. ventilation otherwise...

Or a knee bandage perhaps? No harm in that, and there are a few I know who wear one, self included from time to time...

Alan Whicker

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I've got a pair of combats from UniQlo that convert to 3/4 lengths - you roll them halfway up your shins and they fasten with a button. I got them about three years ago but they've stocked similar ones since. I think they only cost about 30 quid.


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Thank you everone for your replies,i feel a lot more confident now and now i seem spoiled for choice , must admit i like the look of those enduras .
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