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Having just bought a pair of Specialized Tahoe shoes, I'm looking to get new pedals.

Never had cleated shoes before and not 100% convinced I want my hybrid to have clip in pedals. Anyone get any views on pedals that are 1 side clip, 1 side cage? Like the Shimano PD-M324.

A friend has told me to stay clear of half and half pedals and stay with a cage or go to full clips.

Any recommendations?


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Probably worth having a read of the opinions on this thread from a couple of days ago :smile: http://www.cyclechat.net/threads/when-to-go-clipless.107849/

I was in exactly your position, but decided going clipless would be limiting in terms of shoes and annoying having to clip in/out and my flat pedals are incredibly grippy. I thought about the M234 which I think are about £32 elsewhere (make sure they come with cleats though if you shop around), but from the reviews they just seemed to be hassle compared to choosing one or the other. I suspect its personal preference and has negligable effect on performance compared to decent flats, but thats just me.
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