What size?


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I'm used to bike size 18" 19" 20" frame. But when noticed bikes are now saying "small", "medium" or "large". I'm 5ft 6 inch in height and brought a bike which i was advised a medium and discovered it was to "small". It's really annoying when buying "on-line" how you can be so I'll advised regarding what frame you are.


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Oh dear sorry about that. That is a problem when buying on line. The only real way is to try. I've no idea about the sizing of the bike you bought but medium at your height sounds reasonable. You might be able to select the correct size studying the published geometry chart but only if you know what to look for. A large might be too big.
Can you return it?

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Male medium or female medium...they are not the same. Depends what bits of the bike they use to size. Look at the top tube measurement. My two 5’6 (female) friends ride bikes with approx 51cm TT.I’m a bit over 5’9 and ride a 54cm which is probably a ‘medium’ men’s for some bikes, a small for others, but would probably be a large women’s!

Return if you need to (try a longer stem and possibly a layback seatpost if you can’t) and buy a bike from your local bike shop that’s the right size after some tests :okay:

Oh that’s for road bikes...what did you buy?
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