What to check on new bike?


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Just got a Boardman MHT from Halfords. I've read about problems on build etc at Halfords, not knowing about bikes can someone tell me what I should check please?

With the deal I get a 6 week basic check for brakes and gears, in case wearing in, but is there anything specific I should check before any serious riding please?


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Check that everything that should be tightly attached is tightly attached - wheels, handle bars, peddles, seat etc. There are also horror stories around key components such as front forks being fitted the wrong way round. Check the brakes and gears work as they should.


Check the derailleur bolt is properly tight to the hanger, I know someone that rode the bike from the shop and the derailleur fell off half way through his ride home.


Check the bottom bracket is tight.

A fortnight and 160 miles after I bought my bike the BB worked loose and chewed all the thread out of the frame.


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They should have done a proper PDI before giving it to you. But as well as the above check they have greased the pedal threads, seatpost & wheel skewers


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It sounds like you are not to sure how or what to check. If that's the case I should give it to your local LBS to give it a going over, shouldn't be too expensive and would be worth it for peace of mind especially knowing Halfords.

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Check the bell is properly attached to the bar and is on your preferred side (ie left or right thumb). ;)
If the OP (who's been on Cyclechat for 10 years) doesn't know what to check, will they have the knowledge to check the various points effectively/safely?
You might not feel up to this sort or stuff in the early days but I would get the Park Book of Bicycle Maintenance and within a few months check the lubing in the wheel bearings and headset.

And take the bottom bracket out and regrease the threads.

I know this sounds a bit involved (and I must admit it's the sort of stuff I didn't do for a few years) but it is not unknown for bearings and headsets to be short of grease on leaving the factory.

You could of course entrust this to a trusted bikeshop but it would cost and there is no substitute for doing it yourself. Slowly.

Enjoy your bike.
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