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Not cycling related but...

My sisters' boyfriend had paid to have his motorbike fixed at a garage near Wythenshawe. However, the fault wasn't fixed, they just pretended it was and took his money. When he complained, they threatened to punch him! So the police were called. But instead of arresting the guy for his behaviour, they threatened to arrest my sister and her boyfriend if they didn't shut up and leave and said it's a civil matter!
This is not the first time she has been let down by Greater Manchester Police (a simimilar thing happened when she was assaulted by a neighbour - she was told she would be arrested too and nothing would come of it, despite the bruise. The police were always siding with her neighbour making false noise complaints despite evidence she did not make excessive noise, she only ever got one good cop). What should she do?

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I would talk to the CAB and take it from there.


Move to London not necessarily because of what has happened at the mechanics but its just a much better place to live all round than manchester.


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Tell the boyfriend to read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - he will never trust a "professional" mechanic again with his precious bike and he will learn to do the repairs himself.
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