What to get?


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West Yorkshire
Im after a bike that i can use as 'daily' transport as im selling my car due to lack of use and distance.

I need to be able to carry every day things like my laptop, paper work and change of clothes.

Im already a road cyclist but i have a Madone 5.2 and i gather a carbon bike shouldn't be loaded up. I need one that has a rear rack on it.

Someone mentioned an audax to me saying its between and tourer and a road bike which seems to suit me to the t.

Unless anyone has better suggestions can anyone recommend a good audax or something similar.

Thanks Turbo.:sad:


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Look at the Kinesis tk2 frame as a starting point. They seem popular and cheap. Or they have the T2 frame for little less. They have mounts for rack. Though you'd need special road brakes.

The Carrera Virtuoso bike is a dirt cheap road bike - I think it will take a rack. Perhaps for a general commuter you could look at something like that if you have no secure parking.
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