What Turbo?

HI Due to wife's incapacity I am finding no riding time
What Turbo would listers recommend?
Must be relatively cheap and quiet
I have not owned one so do not really know the questions I should be asking.
Assume I need a mat too.

Suggestions recommendations invited


Norven Mankey
I bought one about a week ago, largely on @Rob3rt advice. Cycleops Fluid 2. Although I have no benchmark to compare, fluid trainers are significantly quieter that magnetic or air resistance trainers. They also apparently simulate the resistance of "real" riding more effectively although, again, I have no comparison

The downside may be the price. It cost me £200 from Wiggle. However my view was that if I was going to use it for years then I'd better get a good one. It also comes with a lifetime, no quibble guarantee (Robert's oil started to leak after about 3 years of hard use and they replaced, no questions)

I haven't bothered with a mat. I just use it in the conservatory with a book propping up the front wheel. It does get sweaty though so either get a cheap fan or do something to catch the drips
Yup. that's the one. Stupid cheap at £60 because of a damaged box. It had definitely not been used.

I think you definitely need something to raise the front wheel, unless you are practising descents.

I imagine mats would muffle the sound, plus a lot really sweat on turbos, so you'd want it to protect carpet. A strategically placed towel would be as good.

I haven't needed the sweat guard (thing to protect bike from dripping sweat) yet, as I haven't got that level of intensity up. Plus I don't sweat or perspire; I glow*. Also I was alone in the house, so didn't put the heating on until after I'd used it.

I think the Halfords models are pretty good at the budget end. The £74 is just a bare trainer, with magnetic resistance and a metal roller. The more expensive one comes with all the extras above, and the roller is covered with a gel that slightly reduces tyre wear and muffles sounds.

Like the others, it's the only one I've used, and it seems perfectly satisfactory.

* as in "glowing like a pig" :smile:
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