What WOULDN'T you do...


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wouldn't give up cycling
wouldn't give up food.
wouldn't give up coming on cyclechat forum:biggrin:
wouldn't give up work:biggrin: , ok so I would, well 3 out of 4's not bad;)

gary r

reminds me of when i done some work at the Royal Mint printing works in essex,There were piles of money everywhere!! The first few days i couldnt stop looking at the piles of cash wondering what i would do if i managed to nick a bundle of cash!!! You were only allowed to take in a few pounds (in Coins) for your lunch & we had an escort everywhere including the toilet!!! Searched everyday going in & out.


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ash68 said:
wouldn't give up cycling
There's an excellent post on NYC Bike snob about what it would take to make you give up cycling. My favourite bit

Would you still ride if.....

You can only ride one of Sheldon Brown’s wacky bikes

You can only ride a tandem.

You can only pilot a tandem with Sheldon Brown as your stoker.

You can only pilot a tandem with Sheldon Brown as your stoker and reading aloud from seminal works of science fiction through a megaphone.



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Last time I saw a stash like that it was Biafran bank notes in a Nigerian friend's shed. I took a few home but found that in good condition they had only curiosity value, these even less than that though as all the notes had been nibbled by mice.
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