What's Bristol's twin town in France?

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When I was a lad at school (did we have twinning in those days?) word got about that Brest was to be 'twinned' with Naples. For the life of me couldn't figure out why xx(:biggrin::biggrin:, but perhaps Bristol got in on the act at the same time...

Incidentally, how many of you knew the origin of the rather raunchy connotation of the word 'Bristol'? Rhyming slang apparently, Bristol City (meaning the football team) rhymes with .... oh well never mind.


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South Beds.
Dunstable has two twin towns;
1) Brive la Gaillarde in France
2) Porz Am Rhein in germany

Both the mayors of these overseas towns think Dunstable is a dump compared to their towns.....and they'd be right...xx(
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