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Anyone know value on this 1976 Western flyer

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I think you might be mistaken if you think this a vintage bike but it has that look. Probably from the US and what they call a cruiser type bike. Are you in the UK? Single speed with a coaster brake and larger comfy tyres.
One piece crank suggests its a model from the lower end of the market.
As for price anything up to about $100 if in good order.
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Western Flyer bicycles were made by the lesser marques like Murray, Columbia, and Huffy for a hardware store called Western Auto. A durable but heavy department store level bicycle. This one is in good shape, has little rust or wear, probably bought and hung in the garage. It still has the fenders, the steel wheels are not such a big deal because the bike has a coaster brake. Sometimes gardeners buy these bikes, put baskets on them, and fill the baskets with soil and grow flowers in them. Other people still ride them around. Worth about $40 or more, due to the condition. Many of these bicycles have fractional size tires, measured as 26x1and 1/2, instead of 26x1.5. These tires are getting hard to find, because the rims are sized differently, and MTB tires don't fit.


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$45, which includes delivery upto $900 on ebay. Western Flyer, however the dates fall before the 70's.

$35 - $125 after that date.
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