whats the purpose of......

As I am sure your parents used to tell you when faced with a difficult question.



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So Adam Hart-Davies can look cool and trendy with cutting edge technology.
I always thought that the tension on the front axle bolt must be measured in tons not lbs./sq. in. of torque and would have to fitted by those guys at the tyre store that put my wheels back on so I need to jump on wheel wrench to change wheel.


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coco69 said:
A cannondale bad boy lefty why only 1 fork??
A colleague of mine has one, and when I asked him the same question, the response was "because it looks cool". He has also been spending stupid money on carbon this, carbon that for the bike, but by his own admission it rarely leaves his flat. Go figure.

betty swollocks

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......so you don't have to take the wheel out to fit a new tube/tyre?
I imagine that it would be (very) marginally more aerodynamic.
Marketing ploy?


coco69 said:
A cannondale bad boy lefty
The clue is in the name - it's to appeal to those Merkans who can't separate form from function but think they are natural rebels.

The same philosophy that has them trundling along ten miles of flat tarmac between Home Depot and their suburban bungalow in two tons of ugliness called "warrior" or "outlaw".


My guess is that it is notionally lighter. However the design constraints probably mean in practice that the single leg has to be so much beefier that the advantage is minimal.

Motorbikes have had single sided (rear) swinging arms for years, so they prob got the idea there. It could be a fashion thing.

Let's be honest though, there are plenty of things on bkes that are more for show than function, esp MTBs.
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