Whats the worst thing thats has happened to you...

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..on a bike re: car'drivers :biggrin:

Me: car turning in on me after being let out of a side road by some other jerk at the front of a queue but behind some cars at lights = BITCH !

I had others but' over to you !


Similar. Riding down a hill, a car overtook me and then immediately turned left into a side road without looking(!) cue me crashing right into the side of the car.

Flew over the bonnet but landed OK, only a few bruises. Was very glad about the fact it was my hack bike worth virtually nothing (and it wasn't damaged) - couldn't say the same about the car, dented and scratched for a large portion of it's left side (it was a Porsche 911 Carrera, ha!!!). Woman driving it started to have a go at me but soon calmed down when she saw the look in my eyes and clenched fists. That was before I started shouting at her using words I am extremely ashamed of now.


I once had to go out wearing a lycra combo which just did not go, dahling. It was awful. I look back now and wonder what I was thinking about. :biggrin:

Seriously - probably splitting my chin open on the back window of a car when I was 10. I was on a ride with a few friends and we were heading down a local glen behind a line of cars. Sheep walked in front of car, car braked and stopped, I didn't quite (well I didn't at all) and hit the back of the car, squishing my face against the rear window. Still, at least I got a lift to the nearest hospital (about 15 miles away) from the driver of the car I hit. It saved me cycling another 25 miles home.

Christ, thinking about this I recently rode an audax on the same route. Did I really go on 80km cycle rides when I was 10 years old! Kids nowadays! They don't knw they are born!!

Hopefully that will remain the worst thing to happen to me. Although I would imagine meeting Bonj whilst cycling would be fairly traumatic...:biggrin::biggrin:


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Colne, Lancs
about 13, coming out of an alley way onto a road - wasn't particularly aware of the junction as at that age I'd done it every day for two years and it was always quiet (the folly of youth) - directly into the path of an oncoming car. Went over the bonnet of the car and went skidding down the road - took most of the skin off of my legs and ruined my school uniform, but luckily no other damage.
I am a careful rider now.


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Limoges or York
Doored, 2 years ago last June. Ambulance with flashing horns and blaring lights, ICU, 2 MRI scans, in-patient 14 days, missed Raid Pyrenean attempt 2 days later, missed Phil & Friends, etc, etc.. Bastard driver did a runner leaving false address, but 1st rate witnesses not only called the ambulance but took car reg, etc. Still get a bit dizzy now and then, but cycling on..


yenrod said:
..on a bike re: car'drivers :biggrin:

Me: car turning in on me after being let out of a side road by some other jerk at the front of a queue but behind some cars at lights = BITCH !

I had others but' over to you !

Same here, except the blind old sod just saw the empty road and not me approaching from the left. Hit me side on. Parked the car. Got out. Realised then there was a prostrate man on the pavement. And f@*k me there's a bent and twisted bike under the car. How did that get there?:biggrin:
Weird one - At a set of lights, first one there, like no other car at all and a Mini came up behind, so just me and him. Lights change I start to roll straight on and he comes at me to turn left, slams on and starts honking and shouting, then swerves around me and shoots off.

Initially startled, the blood rose and after him I went. It was a city so I knew I had a chance. Caught him up, whereupon he wound down his window to give me some more abuse but before he could get any words out, my gloved mit began poking him in the head in rhythm with the words I was speaking, which were generally about his ability as a driver and some details on the highway code. He then frantically tried to get his window up (manual winder) as I reigned down words upon his forehead. Luckily the lights changed and off he went, pausing only briefly in the middle of the junction to open his window stick his head out and scream non-logical abuse at me which was nowt to do with the discussion we were having on the highway code, tut tut.

Anyway as he left I became aware that I was in the way of two lanes of traffic and a pedestrian crossing and that no one had moved and were all waiting patiently for me to get out of the way: Under this intense scrutiny I did the only thing possible, started laughing manically and then cycled off.........


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Partly my fault, although i suspect the driver thought he'd teach me a lesson...that risked literally going under a 16 wheeler :biggrin::ohmy::ohmy:

Came up fast to a (usually very quiet)T junction, saw a truck coming, in an instant i figured i had time to get out and be on my way...
Driver obviously took exception...and his entire artic passed within inches of my shoulder. It seemed to be passing for an eternity, and i was scared shitless for every second of that eternity :biggrin::ohmy:

I think i had to stop and let my heart rate go down...really was the most scared i ever have been on a bike.


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Being deliberately knocked off by an undertaking driver, on a club run.....

He drove off.

30 witnesses and the fuzz did nothing.........

'cept munch another donut outside KFC......
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