What's your furthest ride so far this year?


What's the furthest you've cycled on a single ride so far this year?

Mine was 65miles on Sunday. Your turn...


More serious cyclist than Bonj
68 miles not Sunday gone, Sunday before.


A lovely 81 miles on Sunday - Long Hill, Goyt Valley, Cat and Fiddle then to Congleton and back via Macc and the Cat and Fiddle again.

Chuffed (and puffed) I was ;).

Aint Skeered

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Wow Longers that sound like a tough one.
Cat and fiddle is on my must do this year.
As for myself 74.6 miles on a 60 mile RT, afew weeks back.
We got horribly lost, I was absolutly shagged at the end of it.
92miles - freezing, intensly hilly, very greasy and ridiculour headwind. One of those rides where you get home and ask yourself why the hell you just put yourself through that ;) Plus I made the error fatale of giving away my last go-gel to a lad who was bonking, who drank it then gave up and called his mrs to rescue him. I duly blew up and grovelled a good 20km, every tiny incline putting me in 30/23.
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