Wheel Builders in South-west

Okay, I have a number of options available and I need to try them all and see how things pan out.

I want to get a wheel trued which has already been done once and so I need someone who is good, very good, to tell me whether long term I am wasting my time (eg a kink) or whether I need ultimately to replace the wheel.

In which case, if I need something else then I need someone who will build a quality rear wheel for me in the SW/Bristol area. I have a hub (from the rear WCS Ritchey Protocol in question) and would need to buy the spokes and rim so the question is...

1) who would you recommend to build it?
2) what rims/spokes would you recommend?

Strada in Bristol look pretty good...any other suggestions? I know that Velocity Bikes in Portsmouth specialise in wheel building but it's a long way away.
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