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Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by steve23, 15 Mar 2008.

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    ok, i bought some new wheels (campag shamal) that i intend to use on my road and time trial bike, and use my old wheels (mavic aksium) to train on.

    but, i think that they are different widths on the rear wheel. both have the same cassette on, but when i put my shamals on my road bike, i had to move the brakes, and re-adjust the gears. when i then put the aksiums in, now they are not changing gear correctly.

    i hope this is making sense!

    so, my question is, if i buy a pair of cheap campag wheels to train on, will they have the same spacing and width as my shamals, so i can then swap the wheels as and when trouble free???

  2. The main issue is whether your wheels share the same OLND (over lock nut dimension, which should correspond to the distance between the inside surfaces of your rear drop-outs). Assuming this is the case your brakes shouldn't need adjusting as each rim should sit bang in the middle, if not one of your wheels is dished incorrectly.

    Shifting is a different matter. Although cassette spacing itself is standardised there is no standard for how far the cassette sits from the drop-out. They're all within a few fractions of a mm of each other but even a few fractions of a mm difference between the two wheels will put your gears out.
  3. fossyant

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    As the man above says - wheels should sit in the middle, but you will have to adjust the rear mech trim slightly as they are not all the same !
  4. OP

    steve23 New Member

    thanks for the advice.....

    but i just tried my mates vento rear wheel and it worked fine!!!

    the other wheels that i have are "planet x model b" maybe they just wont work.....???
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