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rubbish uphill, downhill 'balast' make me fast
So have broken a second spoke on the stock wheels on my triban 3.

I need a new set, im 20st so they need to be extra strong. I dont really want to spend more than £150. must be shimano 8 speed compatable.

so far ive found......

http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/sp/ro...andard-spoke-clincher-wheels-pair/shimwhfr202 im told these are very strong.

http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/sp/ro...shimano-rs30-clincher-wheels-pair/shimwhfr382 again heard these are strong.

http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/pp/road-track-bike/wheels-handbuilt-road-triathlon/whhr both pairs are hand built so in theory strong? the CSN Shim Sora SSDB/Weinmann Wheels have a high spoke count.

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/fulcrum-racing-7-cx-clincher-wheelset-2013/ ive heard they may be stronger as theyre cyclocross wheels?

http://www.decathlon.co.uk/pair-aksium-700-wheels-id_8164046.html again heard they are strong???

do you have any recomendations?
as mentioned in the other thread, just get your exsiting wheels rebuilt with better spokes.


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Those fulcrum 7s aren't any stronger because they're cyclocross, they just have a bit more protection on the bearings from filth. If the regular ones are a bit cheaper go for those.
Forget stock wheels at your weight, trust me.

Save a little more and get a pair of Mavic Open Pro 32 spoke rims custom built by a reputable wheel builder.

Your not far away budget wise as I'd guess you should easily get them built with 105 hubs for around the £200 mark.
can you reconmend a spoke?
You need to ask a wheelbuilder, although personally I think plain gauge would make sense...


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PS spokes make a strong wheel not the rim. Get the wheels relaced and tensioned by someone you trust or who comes recommended or learn to do it yourself.


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If you want to go the handbuilt route, don't worry yourself about what spokes and where from,
Speak to someone like Strada or DCR wheels and explain your budget and weight requirements. Ask if your existing rims and hubs are any good to keep the costs down.


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I assume the busted spokes were both on the rear? Personally I would keep the existing front, if this is the case and invest in a handbuilt 36H rear. Forget about Fulcrum R7's and such like, with low spoke counts.
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