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Has anybody upgraded to Mavi Kysrium Elite wheels ? If so does it make a significant difference to your ride in anyway (particularly speed) I currently have the pretty basic Mavic Race wheels but have read so much about wheel upgrades I've almost convinced myself its worth the £400 ish for the elites. Any views or opinions welcome especially if you run on the elite wheels, thanks guys.


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Wheel upgrades don't improve your speed very much.

However they do give you confidence to work harder and the lighter weight and increased stiffness reward effort.

Great set of wheels thought - get em bought.


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Kysrium Elite wheels, there great, fitted them a few months ago they make the bike feel a lot lighter and more responsive, very noticable going up hills, well worth the money, they may not be faster but they do feel like they are.^_^
Schwalbe Ultremo ZX tyres.

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