Wheelie bins! How many do you have?


We've got 4 of them now. I can't keep bloody track of what one is to go out when and what day.

Black one - General rubbish
Blue one - Paper, plastic, cardboard
Red one - glass and cans or maybe it's just glass (that's the latest one)
Brown one - Garden waste


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We've only got the 2 wheelie bins, 1 for ordinary rubish,black and Brown for garden waste. Yellow bag for cardboard, Blue bag for paper and two boxes one for glass and the other for plastic and metal. Next door but one has 4 boxes (you can have as many as you want it seems) but only 1 black bin as theirs has never got lid shut:biggrin:.
Black bags for rubbish
Orange bags for recycle stuff
Congregated cardboard left buy the bags
Glass to the glass bins around the borough
Garden waste take to the dump or buy a green wheelie bin (or bags) from the council and they are emptied/collected every 2 weeks. I go to the dump as I either have nothing or more than a bin full.
3 wheelie bins.

Black one for non recyclable stuff
Orange for paper, cartons and plastic trays
Green one for garden waste. However, that's dumped at the back of the garden unused, as all our garden waste and vegetable peelings goes straight into the compost bin. About twice a year I get a wheelbarrow load of lovely compost out of it, so the compost bin never gets too full.

We also have a plastic box for glass.


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I have
Black Wheelie bin - general rubbish that doesn't full under any other category bi-weekly
Green Wheelie bin - garden waste weekly (pay for that one)
Brown small bin - food waste -weekly
Black box - tins, glass, paper, batteries, shoes, etc - weekly
Cardboard - weekly
White plastic bag - plastics - weekly

And we take drinks cartons to the supermarket to recycle.

And veggie waste goes into my compost bin.

As the amount that can go in the black bin goes down I can see the bi-weekly collection becoming monthly perhaps.

I think we're supposed to have a recycling one but we don't and they always take our four or five tesco carrier bags so I'm not going to ask the council for one in case they try to make us pay for it.


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I share 5 wheelie bins with four other flats and a couple of houses, and I have a recycling basket.

I reckon I put out a black bin bag once a fortnight, and the recycling box every few weeks, usually only half full.

Garden Waste is a mystery to me. If you have a garden big enough to generate waste, you have room for a compost bin, surely?


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One black one for rubbish.
One Green lidded one for all recycling (which is pretty much everything apart from nappies and dead animals).

Two green woven bags for garden waste

One small brown box for all food waste - including meats and cooked food.
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