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look not bad don`t they!
They look OK if you trust the review.

I don't know the hubs but taking into consideration what the review says and as long as the cartridges have decent size bearings then the hubs should be OK,

Spokes are good quality and nipples seem to be Alu nipples so salty roads and wet rides would be a problem before long.

Definitely rebuildable and much better than many others I've seen advertised.


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@Cubist seems to like superstar components... P`raps he will pop over and give an opinion in these?
I don't have any experience of their road wheels, but their MTB wheels are excellent quality. The company has its detractors, but most recent reviews tend to rate their wheelsets, which are always fantastic value. The low weight and low price is great if they are as robust as that review suggests.

In MTB world the general consensus is that the wheels are fantastic value. They source good rims and build them on their own quality hubs. One or two buyers have moaned that the build quality can occasionally be hit and miss, and I had a pair of MTB wheels that had a number of nipple failures due to shonky build quality, but to be fair to SSC they rebuilt them FOC and gave the hub a free service to make up for the inconvenience. Tot up the components, and it's hard to see where they make any money on them, so even if you have to spend £20 to have them trued, you've still got a good value wheelset.

I considered getting some for my latest bike, but ended up sticking with the Aksiums I already had. I would seriously consider getting them in the future though


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nipples seem to be Alu nipples so salty roads and wet rides would be a problem before long.
What's the worst that could happen :blush:

Must explain, just had an alu spoke nipple break on me, after riding through the winter on wet & salty roads. So you may need to be careful with Alu spoke nipples on wheels that are to be used through winter :okay:
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