wheels for gents three speed???

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Tony Raynor

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Simple answer is more than likely but definitely not straight forward.

3 main problems that can be overcome.

1 spacing at front and rear, both will need to be adjusted to fit newer hubs.
2 axel diameter is smaller on old 3 speeds so you will need to dremmel the front and rear to get a new size axle in
3 brake drop

That said I did it on my old humber so I kniw it can be done


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Thanks for the comments, If the original wheels don't clean up, I will probably replace them with like for like, with single speed, thinking about going for a path racer style.
Get a set of 26x1 3/8" speedway wheels innit. New cables and synthetic blocks will upgrade the original brakes just about enough to meet modern expectations. Raleigh whitewalls are still available or Schwalbe Runners for high performance - or speedway tyres for a giggle.


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I've just dropped off the old 3 speed SA hub to have a 700c rim laced onto it for my Raleigh 'Courier', the change from 26" to 700c just needs shorter drop calipers fitting (I mocked it all up beforehand) and I just happen to have a set of Weinmann short reach in the shed but that was the hub that came with the bike. As for tyres I don't think anything over about 32mm will go in and leave adequate clearance at the BB end of the chain stays (mine seem quite narrow)


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Why change? While not as common as 700c, it's still possible to buy 650a rims and wheels.

Tony Raynor

Need for steeds
I've got 700 x 32c on mine and they are fine. I just drilled the holes for recessed Allen key brake calipers to give it a full modern upgrade
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