Wheels of Chance

I have just finished reading H.G.Wells's fine book of a cycling tour taken by a shop assistant in the victorian era, on his 10 days holiday.
Remember, this was the very early days of the diamond frame Safety Bicycle, and all the rage.
I read it with a map alongside me and marked out the route he took.
I am wondering if anyone in the forum has read this great little book and taken that tour?
It would be an ideal tour for anyone living in London, because it starts there.
It sounds enjoyable!
Is it up for grabs? :biggrin:

rich p

ridiculous old lush
velocipede2288 said:
I got the book from Amazon.com,second hand.
I love books so much I can't bare to give them away.

Just keep your clothes on man and keep the book then!:biggrin::biggrin:
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