When Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Only if Dan Brown writes it;)


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Ovver 'thill
I'll start the gags then:

Suspicions were raised at the airport bar when they asked for a stiff one for the guy in the corner..........


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Many many years ago I had a customer from Nepal who came to London for a kidney operation. Sadly he died a few days afterwards. I went down to Guys to offer my condolences and in the family waiting room found an almost biblical scene of relatives wailing and beating their chests, to the obvious discomfort of a very prim English couple who were also sitting in the room. It then emerged that the relatives wanted me to help them get the body back to Kathmandu; they seemed to think I could take the coffin in my car and they would check it in as hold luggage. I had to explain that in the UK this kind of thing was strictly regulated and luckily for me the hospital had someone who took charge and sorted it all out for them. Nightmare.

Added later: Oh yes, I remember the funeral bloke - he came up to me with a very smarmy unctuous manner, offered his hand and asked patronisingly: "Are you a relative?"

My look must have said it all because he then went bright red and stammered an apology, in a manner even more embarrassing than the first question.
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