Where are all the clamp on chain catchers


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I can find loads of chain catchers for braze on mounts but non for clamp on. After much searching I thought I’d found one. Ordered it to then be informed it was out of stock and they couldn’t get any more.

Would prefer a K edge type rather than Deda dog fang type

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Adjust your gears properly and you wont need one.
No matter how well adjusted your gears are a fast change on a bumpy road can throw the chain, which is why the pro teams use chain catchers. Front mechs are not precision pieces of engineering, all they do is head butt the chain off the large ring and let gravity do the rest to drop it on the inner.


I find it more to the point why would you not have one,for the simplicity of it.It works !
You need them on most single-ring derailleur setups unless you have one of the new clutched rear mechs or the rear mech has quite a strong spring. The chain tends to fall off when you change to a smaller sprocket; this causes a wave to travel along the top run of chain, it jumps off the ring, and you're suddenly coasting along in total silence.

There is a big difference between the type needed for the above situation, which is a bit like a lightweight front mech that doesn't move, and the simpler dog fang devices that just stop the chain jamming if it does fall off.

I bought one of these for the Moulton TSR, which I run as a 1 x 9:


They are not cheap for what they are.
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I always fit a K-Edge chain catcher to my bikes as the consequence of the chain dropping off are too horrible, if it gets dragged up behind the inner ring it gouges the RH chainstay and it once happened to me on a hill, I keeled over sideways, fell on my friend's bike and bent his front wheel.
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