Where there's muck there's brass


Harder than Ronnie Pickering
Meanwood, Leeds
Except this brass is gold

Apparently the sewage sludge from a city of 1,000,000 people contains $2,600,000 worth of gold and silver.

Read about it here

Alex H

Don"t forget your local landfill :thumbsup:


"One day Cleonice Bento glimpsed something particularly shiny among the rotten food and plastic bottles.
I found a Portuguese gold necklace, sold it and built a two-storey house," she recalls. She even had enough money left over to take a holiday from rubbish-picking for another month.

Geraldo Oliveira, a 63-year-old known as Brizola, uncovered a treasure trove of a different kind.
Nestled inside a tube among the rubbish he found $12,000 (£8,000). And then $9,000 (£6,000) more.
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