where to get cheapo cycling trip travel insurance?

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off in a month to gran canaria to do a bit of playing on 2 wheels, need to get some insurance cover sorted out and not entirely sure what I will need? will standard travel insurance cover it?

I went on one of the insurance comparison sites (probably Moneysupermarket.com or insurancesupermarket.com - wouldn't have been confused.com because their adverts are bl**dy irritating...).

You answer a few questions re whether you want single-trip/annual cover, Europe/worldwide, single/couple/family, dates-of-birth, etc and let it find policies and prices.

Pick a price or company you fancy, then read the small print of what the policy offers you

Ensure it offers cover for a cycling holiday - some will class cycling as a 'hazardous activity' along with white-water rafting, scuba diving, bobsleigh, etc and might either not cover it at all, or only cover it as an activity you do for a day or so on holiday rather than being the whole point of the holiday.

But you can get proper cover very cheaply these days - I got an annual policy for me and Mrs wrx which will cover us for a trip to Madagascar and for me to have a week cycling in the Alps for just under £40 I think.

And check-out a European Health Insurance card, or EHIC - the replacement for the E111
- you'd need one for Europe, expect they apply in Canary Is even though they're not-quite Spain
- you can get one online here : http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Policyandguidance/Healthadvicefortravellers/index.htm
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