Where'd the sunshine go?

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Bourne End, UK
All week long we were promised sunshine today, the met office web site even claims its sunny in my area right now. They are wrong! :blush:

Its dull and overcast and I don't feel like doing the big(ish) ride I had planned.

I know its still better than all the rain we had, but I've had a bad week at work and I was really looking forward to a nice ride in ideal conditions.

Oh well, better make the most of it before it gets worse. :ohmy:


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I feel a bit cheated too redfox. I do suggest though that light breeze, cloud cover, no rain and pleasantly warm air temperature are probably nearer 'ideal' riding conditions than the promised beating sun and high temperatures?
BBC said sunny and hot today for me... woke up to grey and cool. decided not to head to the north downs on the bike and got the bus to wetlands in barnes instead. sat and watched kestrels hunting and grebes fishing.



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Malaga, Spain
Stop whinging you lot, it's supposed to be sunny and warm (hot) most of the time here in Southern Spain, that's why we're here.

It's been dull, overcast, cold and raining for the past week, and everything has turned to mud again..................Grrrrrrrrr


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Fiona N

Think yourself lucky...
On Saturday, I believed the weather forecast for Scottish Borders - warm with sunny intervals. But in fact the 300km User9609 Fever Audax was run under cool conditions, grey skies, headwinds and a heavy downpour in the afternoon which left everything wet so that when the clouds cleared for a cold night, it was foggy and freezing. Why I bothered putting on suncream, I don't know. Of course, Sunday dawned bright, warm and sunny :angry:

But it was still a good event :biggrin:
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