Where's all the traffic then?


We live about 2 miles from the entrance of the Eton Dorney rowing lake and have spent the last 12 months being told how bad the traffic is going to be.

I must admit that I've never quite believed it would be bad, given that there are only 25,000 tickets sold, a number which many football and rugby grounds accommodate most weekends without drama, but there are huge numbers of road closures and thousands of acres which have been turned into No Parking zones.

So I'm wondering where the heck all this expected traffic has gone as the only things which have passed our house in the last hour have been empty shuttle buses. It's quieter this morning than it usually is at this time on a Saturday, although there has been a fair number of cyclists.

It's all very exciting, though. I'll be heading off shortly (I'll miss the early parts of the road race, but not the finish) to check out the cycle parking facilities before we use them on Monday. :biggrin:


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No obvious variation from normal traffic levels here either, it's all a bit of an anti-climax.:rolleyes:
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