Which bar bag?

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Moray Firth
i'm fancying one of those bag for hanging on the handlebars, to keep the mobile, n keys n maps etc in. Trouble is, i have butterfly bars on. Can anyone advise if it is possible to fit a barbag on butterfly bars, and if so, which would be recommended?


Über Member
Yes it's possible, I’ve seen them together on several bikes. It’s not always straightforward, there’s that much variability in both bags and bars it’d be a good idea to take the bike with you when you go looking. The two most common fittings, Klick-Fix and Ortlieb have extension brackets available, which could make fitting easier.


Rixen and Kaul do an extension for the Klikfix and Ortleib do their own.

With butterfly bars it will depend on the angle, but on my wife's bike this extension put the bag forward into the gap in the "bow"
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