Which bike boardman race 2014, C-boardman or specialized Sirrus 2015?

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I want under 11kg for a smooth ride for mainly commuting on Manchester roads to work and then to the gym. The roads are pretty much flat. I quite like an upright ride.

Which bike boardman race 2014, C-boardman or specialized Sirrus 2015?


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Strange choice of weapons for commuting. Why those?


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Why the older models? Is there a deal on these somewhere or are you buying second hand?
Both should come in around the 11kg mark and have flat bars so will suit for your commute.
This is a very competitive point in the market so both will be very much of a muchness.
If your route is flat consider a single speed or cruiser.


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Whichever one fits you better and is better value for the price.

I'm guessing all of your options are second-hand and a similar price, so it's about specifications and then fit.


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Nowt wrong with a Sirrus for commuting, 28-32mm tyres, pannier rack, proper mudguards, done. Can you do the same with the Boardman

The weight of the bike doesn’t influence smoothness of ride, the road surface and tyre width and pressure do

How far is the commute?

Go ride them both, see which is the better condition and works better for you fit and comfort wise

And obviously do everything you can to check they’re not nicked
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